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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question 1, How much does it cost to have my MS published?
  2. Question 2, Should I have my MS edited before I submit?
  3. Question 3, How long is the contract for?
  4. Question 4, How do the royalties work?
  5. Question 5, Do I supply my own cover art?
  6. Question 6, What distribution channels does CRP use?
  7. Question 7, What format will my book be published in?
  8. Question 8, When is my book's release date?

Answer 1:

Unlike expensive Vanity presses such as Trafford, Mill City Press and Publish, CRP does not charge authors money to have their manuscript published. Instead, we publish your book for free and offer our contracted authors a bag full of marketing goodies at no charge.

Answer 2:

Yes. A loved one, a friend, a peer, a work associate, anyone you feel could help polish your MS before you submit it is always a good thing. The cleaner the MS, the better your chances are of receiving a contract offer.

Answer 3:

The CRP Author contract is for a period of four(4) years. The contract can be extended indefinitely. There is also an early buyout option for authors.

Answer 4:

CRP authors receive standard industry bi-annual royalties on books sales. There is a $10 threshold before sales reports are generated. All sales reported by 3rd party vendors such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble are included in the report. We use PayPal for author money transfers.

Answer 5:

Authors are free to submit cover art ideas and/or previous cover renditions. Every little bit helps in our quest to design the perfect cover for your book.

Answer 6:

Our primary distribution channels are Amazon and Barnes & Noble. CRP books are distributed through a handful of international channels, such as Kobo and Smashwords, in 16 countries uncluding France, Japan, Brazil, Mexico and Austrailia.

Answer 7:

The format differs from book to book and depends on a number of factors in regards to publishing criteria. Hardcover, paperback, eBook and audio books are considered during the submission process.

Answer 8:

A release date for each book is determined during the submission review and listed in the contract offer.

Answer 9:


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